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Wednesday, May 9, 2018


1:15 - 3:15 PM - Global Market Overview


8:00-10:00 AM - Equipment

Evolution of UV from Lamps to LED’s
Ruben Rivera, Phoseon Technology

Intelligent Photon Delivery Systems Powered by IoT
Mike Gharagozloo, Heraeus Noblelight

A Method of Driving Microwave-Driven Additive Lamps for Improved Performance
Darrin Leonhardt, Heraeus Noblelight America

Recent advances in UV process control – using ICAD-technology
Thomas Efsen, Efsen Engineering

10:15-12:15 PM - Applications

Radiation Cured Parts: Implications for Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning.
Ashwin Chockalingam, Applied Materials

UV Nail Gel
Yuemei Zhang, Coty inc

UV Energy Cure for Polymeric Coatings communicating Pathogen Deterrents
Bruce K Bachman, CSI Group of Companies

Innovation in UV LED curing equipment
Axel Eckmann, Heraeus Noblelight

1:15 - 3:15 PM - Materials

The Development of Novel Optical Materials Using Sulfur-Based Chemistry
Darryl Boyd, US Naval Research Laboratory

UV-curable Kynar® systems for application at room temperatures
Jeffrey Klang, Sartomer

Polymer Optics
Samantha Garton, Colorado Photopolymer Solutions

Improving the Performance of UV-Curable Coatings with Carbon Nanomaterials
Steven Yu, Guangzhou Wraio Chemical Material Co., Ltd.


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